How it Works

We do not use unreliable auto scraping software.
We create CUSTOM, reliable scripts for EVERY project to ensure they work like clockwork day in and day out!
We transform web data from any source into useable data through advanced processes that accommodate your business.
There is data out there you need. It could be search engine data, website prices, whois data, facebook profiles or stock information, the possibilities are endless. We have huge resources enabling us to process billion and billion of pages per month. We discuss with you the exact data you require from one or multiple sources and the timescale you need it in.
We create superb scripts for your project and run them on our vast network of servers and IPs gathering the required data extremely fast. OR we can create scripts to integrate into your existing software and servers and maintain the crawlers for you.
Raw data is an unorganised mess of tables and code. We take the newly extracted data and put it in the format YOU request. This can be ANYTHING you choose, something simple like a CSV file, a complex database containing hundreds of tables or a data feed. You can decide the final format and we will deliver it in the timeframe you require.