We have 12 years experience in HUGE data collection, processing and storing. Not only can we scrape ANY website, we can also filter and output the data in any format.  For one of our customers we scraped, stored and made searchable databases of 20 BILLION rows and over 100 Terabytes!


Domain ownership and website information

Search Engine Data

Google, Bing, Yahoo + Others

Keyword Data

Statistics on millions of keywords – Monthly search volumes, CPC, trends + more

Email Addresses

Extracting email addresses from websites to generate leads

Social Data

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram + others

Crawl the Entire Web

Gather contact information to generate or sell leads

Stock Prices and Financial Information

Detect patterns and trends

Price Comparison Data

Compare and monitor prices across huge websites – Supermarkets, Ecommerce sites, Currency Exchanges

Plus much much more